US Optics SR8c 1-8x30 mm and QD Scope Mount

SKU: 515-006-111

U.S. Optics SR8c 1-8x30 mm

Introduced at SHOT 2013, this is one HOT optic!

The U.S. Optics, Inc. SR-8c rifle scope is the most versatile and rugged short to medium range rifle optic ever designed. With the new 8:1 zoom ratio, this optic can be used like a red dot reflex sight at true 1X, but also allows threat identification and engagements at distances in excess of 800+ yards.

Optical clarity is achieved through a precision engineered lens system; careful consideration is given to the use of lens coatings. A simple push of a button allows a SFP red dot to be turned on and used in complete daylight, while the FFP reticle allows for ranging and holds off points.

The SR-8c has 100 MOA of total travel and 2/10 mil knobs, 8C-Mil reticles offer exact dimensional accuracy.

U.S. Optics, Inc. scopes are constructed of 6061 T-6 aluminum, then type III hard anodized, making it extremely durable. By using the finest materials and advanced engineering, the SR-8c is a lightweight, affordable scope that surpasses the competition. Whether you are shooting a AR10, AR15, M14, or a bolt action rifle, this optic will meet or exceed the needs of most situations. The low profile sleek design of the New SR-8 makes for a snag free tool in all environments.

• FFP Reticle
• Reticle – 8C MIL
• SFP Illuminated dot
• Reticle Lighting – Red Dot
• Elevation Knob – 2/10 MIL zeroing
• Windage Knob – 2/10 MIL zeroing
• Total Travel – 100 MOA
• Parallax Control – Fixed at 100 Yards
• Field of view at 100 Yards at 1x = 83.25 Ft
• Field of view at 100 Yards at 8x = 10.75 Ft
• Tube – 30 MM

About VFZ™ Mounts:
VFZ™ is a new theory in the concept of clamping accessories to MIL-STD-1913 rails. Instead of using a horizontal cross-bolt, the VFZ™ uses a vertical bolt that draws up a clamping foot against the lower angle of the rail, seating the mount similarly to a fully-closed LaRue lever. Once installed on the firearm, index marks allow the user to remove the mount, then reattach to the same tension, providing unprecedented return to zero for a non-QD-levered mount. The unique vertical alignment of the clamp allows components that are structurally stronger than traditional cross-bolt designs.

Why should I select VFZ™ Mounts instead of a QD Lever Mount?:
If you intend to leave an optic or accessory on a rail for the life of the rifle, the VFZ™ option is for you. The VFZ™ is intended as a longer-term, semi-permanent mounting alternative to our well-known Speed Levers. While both mounts will allow the user to remove the mount from the weapon, reinstall it in the same position, and return to zero, the VFZ™ mount is intended for users that will not need to constantly remove and install their mounts (especially in the field).

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Reviewed by togjr9 4 weeks ago
Love It !! Bought it to place on my 14.5 PredatOBR® 7.62, the mount installed perfectly and the scope is just outstanding quality. U.S. Optics scopes live up to their reputation and this is my second purchase from this company. I also purchased the MR10 for my Scar 17.
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