Leupold Mark 6 1-6x20mm M6C1 with LaRue QD Mount

SKU: 540-017-104

Leupold Mark 6 1-6x20mm M6C1 with LaRue QD Mount

The all-new Mark 6 1-6x20mm scope was engineered based on the years of elite riflescope making expertise in order to deliver relevant performance features to competition shooters and tactical operators in mid-range to CQB scenarios. Built around a rugged, ultra-bright daylight visible illumination system, the Mark 6 1-6x20mm offers a true "both eyes open" situational awareness at 1x, while also offering the ability to identify and engage targets out to several hundred meters at high magnification. The Mark 6 1-8 elevation dials to prevent unintentional adjustment in the field and caliber-specific front focal plane reticles. Hands down, the most commonly used phrase we hear from tactical end users is, “smaller, lighter, faster” when describing the perfect optic.

The Mark 6 1-6 comes complete with LaRue QD mount (see the pull-down menu to the right), spare mounting screws with wrench, QD adjustment wrench, vial of blue Locktite and Instructions

Actual Magnification 1.0 x - 6.00 x
Eye Relief (in) 3.70 in
Weight(oz, without mount) 17.00 oz
Length 10.30 in
Tube Diameter 34mm
Reticles: CMR-W 5.56, CMR-W 7.62 and TMR-D (see drop down to the right)

About VFZ™ Mounts:
VFZ™ is a new theory in the concept of clamping accessories to MIL-STD-1913 rails. Instead of using a horizontal cross-bolt, the VFZ™ uses a vertical bolt that draws up a clamping foot against the lower angle of the rail, seating the mount similarly to a fully-closed LaRue lever. Once installed on the firearm, index marks allow the user to remove the mount, then reattach to the same tension, providing unprecedented return to zero for a non-QD-levered mount. The unique vertical alignment of the clamp allows components that are structurally stronger than traditional cross-bolt designs.

Why should I select VFZ™ Mounts instead of a QD Lever Mount?:
If you intend to leave an optic or accessory on a rail for the life of the rifle, the VFZ™ option is for you. The VFZ™ is intended as a longer-term, semi-permanent mounting alternative to our well-known Speed Levers. While both mounts will allow the user to remove the mount from the weapon, reinstall it in the same position, and return to zero, the VFZ™ mount is intended for users that will not need to constantly remove and install their mounts (especially in the field).

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Reviewed by Anonymous 1 year ago
The optic power range coupled with the first focal plane reticle makes for a PERFECT combination of close and far for a carbine or medium rifle. The heart of it is that for close in targets at a setting of 1.0 to 1.5 or even 2.0, the scope functions as a "both eyes open," instinctively fast, red dot (with appropriate offset and holdover). At longer ranges, with the power dialed up, the reticle enlarges to reveal the distance compensation and windage ladder. Yes, the ballistic reticle is only for one bullet weight in a particular length barrel. So...make your own range card. The only caveat is the weight, but at 17 oz., its the same as a Leupold CQT which is not nearly the device that this is.
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Reviewed by Anonymous 14 weeks ago
After months of researching this and similar scopes, I chose this one. The uncapped turrets that lock into place are a really nice feature considering you most likely will not be firing 62gr rounds traveling 2900? Fps. Like mentioned earlier, make your own drop card for your select ammo. return to zero has been spot on every time. Glass is crystal clear. If you hunt w 556, the 6x power will give more magnification than you would need, as I wouldn't take a shot on a hog past 300yds and expect a clean kill. The only down side is the small eye box. At 1x w the reticle lit up, you have to have your eye positioned perfectly behind the scope. Might be a surprise to those used to the eotech. This will must likely force you into using proper cheek wield while shooting different positions. I've had the scope for 6months now and still believe i made the right choice.
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Reviewed by Anonymous 15 weeks ago
The primary reason why I purchased the Mark 6 was an upgrade from using an Aimpoint T-1 on my full Stealth build. This optic has allowed me to remain fast & smooth with close range targets using it's illuminated reticle at 1x magnification, with target acquisition and placing precise hit at greater distances with the CMR-W at 6x. This optic has crystal clear glass and is built to a higher standard. The LT-104 mount fits the scope's tube perfectly right out of the box. The mount's built-in offsets allows the scope to be positioned ideally on top of my receiver so as to be able to fully appreciate the scopes's generous 4" eye relief. A perfect combination. Top notch equipment for a top notch company...
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Reviewed by Anonymous 48 weeks ago
Price, service & quality, three hard to beat attributes in these products. You can spend more but you can't find better. Thanks Larue for packaging two great products. This scope combination mount, compliment the SCAR 17S well.
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