Kestrel 4500NV Pocket Weather Tracker

SKU: 842-003
The Kestrel 4500NV Pocket Weather Tracker is Kestrel's flagship meter. Capable of monitoring and reporting an exhaustive list of environmental parameters - from temperature to barometric pressure, dew point, wind chill, and more**, the Kestrel 4500 is the most feature-rich pocket weather meter in the entire Kestrel catalog.

In addition to the Kestrel 4000's extensive list of capabilities, the Kestrel 4500 has these distinct monitoring functions:

* Digital Compass
* Wind Direction
* Crosswind
* Headwind / Tailwind

These added features make the 4500 the Kestrel Meter of choice for military professionals, HAZMAT teams, and flight crews. Like all the pocket weather meters in the Kestrel 4000 series, the Kestrel 4500 is capable of storing and charting up to 1400 data points for later analysis.

Weekend shooters and military snipers alike have been calling for a Kestrel Meter with crosswind calculation for years ¿ and the Kestrel 4500 meets that demand completely. The elite Kestrel 4500 has the most complete list of features in the entire Kestrel Meter family, with the only absent elements being the airflow and humidity ratio measurements available with the Kestrel 4200 Air Flow Tracker.

For individuals who shoot at night the NV version of the Kestrel 4500 features a night-vision preserving backlight. The backlight incorporates an optical filter to reduce overall brightness and minimize blue and green spectrum light to preserve night vision. (Note: This backlight appears as a soft grayish pink hue, not "red" and is still in the visible spectrum, so it is not compatible with night-vision equipment. This is not an issue with the meter - this is how the light is designed for optimal performance in low-light conditions.)

*All Kestrel Pocket Weather Meters are made in the USA and covered by a 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Additionally, every single Kestrel manufactured is calibrated for every single value, either directly against NIST-traceable standards or against an intermediary standard that is calibrated daily. Every unit is shipped with a FREE Certificate of Conformity that states what calibrations were performed, and the certified performance specifications.
The Kestrel 4500 also measures:
  • Wind Chill
  • Air, Water, and Snow Temperature
  • Displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius w/ accuracy of +/-1°
  • Current, Average, and Maximum Wind Speed
  • Wind Speeds displayed in: Beaufort Wind Scale; Knots; MPH; KPH; or Feet per Minute
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Pressure Trend
  • Altitude
  • Relative Humidity
  • Dew point Temperature
  • Wet Bulb Temperature
  • Heat Stress Index
  • Clock
  • 5680
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    Reviewed by neopretorian 1 year ago
    If you are into long range shooting, you need one of these, period. If you are familiar with the Horus reticle / system, if you currently use it, and you find it to your liking, you will love one of these with the Horus system loaded on it. This is a professional instruments for serious outdoorsmen, a bit expensive but worth it. very rugged, very compact, very accurate and easy to use. Once you get used to getting one of these on your outdoor adventures you will turn your car back around to pick it up when you forget it ! Get one and enjoy it !
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    0 out of 0 people found this helpful.
    Reviewed by Anonymous 38 weeks ago
    Easy to use. Works as intended.
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