Geissele Two Stage Trigger-DMR Small Pin

SKU: 710-001

The best enhancement you can make in an AR is a good trigger.

The Geissele Hi-Speed Designated Marksman Rifle Trigger is designed for tactical and military shooting where trigger pull weight is not regulated. Wire-EDM cut sear surfaces for a smooth, precise pull. Perfect for all precision tactical shooting and squad Designated Marksmen, the higher 2nd stage weight helps in high stress shooting situations. Although the Geissele DMR trigger is not select-fire, the smooth pull allows an experienced shooter to fire at a rate exceeding 400 RPM which will empty a 30 round magazine in 4.5 seconds. The Geissele DMR trigger works great for 3-Gun matches, hunting and of course, target shooting.

Pull Weights:
First Stage: 1.3 - 3 pounds (2 pounds nominal)
Second Stage: 0.5 to 1.5 pounds

Kit includes all tools and instructions needed to swap triggers in minutes.

NOTE: Colt receivers with large pins (.169" dia) require our Large Pin Trigger. The Large Pin Trigger will not work in a lower that has a Sear Block. Some early Colt receivers and all other branded receivers (Bushmaster, Armalite, Rock River, Olympic Arms, Eagle Arms, PWS, Stag, CLE, etc) use the small pin (.154" dia) that this Small Pin Trigger is designed for.

  • Lightning fast lock-time
  • Separate sear adjustment for a sharp 2nd stage
  • Independent second-stage weight adjustment
  • Precise Overtravel Adjustment
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    Reviewed by Anonymous 26 weeks ago
    The trigger is very nicely made, and comes with great instructions and tools for adjustment and installation. Having used a few different match triggers, including the RRA non-adjustable 2 stage trigger, and the Compass Lake trigger, I can say that I think this trigger is superior. It's a LOT better than the RRA, even though the RRA trigger continues to give good service. The CLE trigger was quite nice, and served me well in over a decade of highpower service rifle shooting, but this trigger is fantastic. Easily adjustable in 4 ways (overtravel, sear engagement, first stage and second stage weight). Fantastic feel, and the adjustment screws are designed to make you feel confident that they won't back out or change.
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    Reviewed by Anonymous 29 weeks ago
    Have not installed the Geissele yet as my build is not ready. This was my first order from LaRue Tactical and am very pleased with their communication and follow-up. Joel
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