FireClean Ultra Performance Gun Oil - 2 fl oz

SKU: 825-001

Shoot more. Clean and lubricate less. Clean faster…..Carbon wipes off!

  • Conditions metal to prevent buildup of carbon fouling
  • Carbon fouling just wipes off
  • Cleans deeply and safely into gun metals
  • Reduces friction with persistent and incredible lubricity
  • Dramatically reduces cleaning time and effort
  • Low odor and non-toxic

    FIREClean is a new and different approach to operating your firearm. While traditionally the focus has been on “proper lubrication” and “keeping the gun wet”, experience has taught us that friction is rarely the problem on normal metal surfaces in the operation of guns. While this may sound like sacrilege to many, consider this- when was the last time that manually cycling a clean dry firearm resulted in locking the gun up?

    The REAL ENEMY of successful firearms operation is heat and fouling- particularly carbon fouling. Carbon is the unavoidable byproduct of powder combustion in the firing process. Carbon adheres very, very strongly to metal surfaces. It is very abrasive, hence the “gritty” sounds typically encountered with dirty or fouled firearms. Cleaning carbon with traditional methods requires harsh and hazardous chemicals- toxicity to humans, eco-toxicity, flammability, hazardous and potentially explosive vapors are some of the typical dangers. Often, cleaning materials must be treated as hazardous waste before disposal. This leads to long term health concerns as well as risk and expense.

    Other methods of carbon removal involve scraping, grinding, and other mechanical methods. In addition to the time and difficulty of using these methods in a field environment, this can often lead to undesired wear on mechanical surfaces or on the finish of the firearm.

    The other problem that FIREClean solves exceptionally well is lubricant “burnoff” or evaporation due to heat generated in the firing process. Frankly, most firearms lubricant can’t stand the heat! When you are required to constantly re-lube your firearms, that is a telling sign that either your oil has evaporated or has “cooked off”. Evaporation is caused by low temperature thresholds and the volatility of the substances used. If the oil has a strong odor or smell at normal temperature that indicates that the oil is undergoing evaporation. If the oil is “smoking” in operation that tells you that thermal breakdown of the oil is happening.

    Either one of these cases will lead to the loss of lubrication, and typically the dried up or burned off oil creates gums and varnishes that are difficult to remove and lead to jamming.

    FIREClean is designed to hold as an oil to the highest possible temperatures, and provide the best possible lubricity across the applicable temperature spectrum. In addition to the “wet” lubrication provided by the oil itself, FIREClean also conditions the metal deeply to provide inherent slipperiness or lubricity. Even in the absence of visible oil, metal parts still slide freely due to the remarkable “boundary lubrication” properties of FIREClean. A very light, thin coat of oil on any parts that are subject to mechanical movement, or fouling from carbon or other sources is all that is required.

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    7 out of 10 people found this helpful.
    Reviewed by Anonymous 2 years ago
    Great cleaner and lubricant. I have been shooting over 6 years and it is by far the best product I have owned. I put it on my AR and I am trying to find the breaking point, problem is, I can't afford all the ammo that would require. I also use this on all my pistols as well as my shotgun. Great product!
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    2 out of 2 people found this helpful.
    Reviewed by monahan.dan 2 years ago
    I've been shooting for years and this is the best cleaner and lube that I've come across. I started using FIREClean a few months ago and have had a chance to run it hard in rain, dirt, sand and mud for awhile now on my Glocks and ARs and effin' love the stuff. Best example of just how great this stuff works is if you run a suppressor. My muzzle brakes as well as the inside of the can has never been cleaner, FIREClean has removed carbon build up I didn't even realize was there. The one thing I haven't mastered yet with it is that you don't need to use that much. A few little drops in key areas really go a long way. Thankfully I have a few bottles in reserve. I know that there are tons of cleaners out there and plenty of reviews, all I can say is that when it comes down to it, FIREClean doesn't disappoint. Give this magical product a try.
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    7 out of 15 people found this helpful.
    Reviewed by Anonymous 2 years ago
    I am a Navy SEAL shooting in 3-Gun matches when I have time. I have been using FireClean for the past few months with crazy results. I always thought every gun oil was the same, but this stuff is like ball bearings in a bottle. I use it on my competition guns and when I hand my gun off for someone to work the action they all say the same thing..."Holy S!@# thats smooth" Not sure why it works so well, but it does.
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    Reviewed by Anonymous 2 years ago
    FIREClean performs as advertised and I have yet to find any issues with it. First heard about it from Paul Howe, and it's been working great ever since. it works especially well on my suppressed AR.
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    Reviewed by Anonymous 26 weeks ago
    So far so good with this product. It does what it says in terms of carbon not sticking. I can literally use a paper towel to wipe the bolt carrier group clean. Shooting suppressed it's a real time-saver on cleanup.
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    Reviewed by Anonymous 1 year ago
    Great stuff..cleans well and lubes really slick.
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