LaRue Tactical


A Little About LaRue

Our rifles swept the 2010 International Sniper Competition - three of the top four spots. We build and sell tens of thousands of our world-famous Quick-Detachable mounts - most late-model night-vision devices in the U.S. Military are attached using LaRue mounts. We are running right at 100 CNCs - Haas - Okuma - Citizen - Tsugami - likely the largest machine shop in central Texas. We have always played it low-key, but steady growth is taking that approach away from us.

Available Positions

Matter-of-fact, we're growing when nobody else is. If you pride yourself on punctuality and need very little supervision to stay productive check out the positions below.

No Available Positions

If you don’t see a position that would be the perfect fit, please send us your resume so we may contact you for future positions. LaRue Tactical is an Equal Opportunity Employer.